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Landlord Defense

Being a landlord in California can be challenging. Many state statutes are designed to protect tenants, often at the expense of landlord rights. Our Santa Ana eviction law firm, however, has a deep understanding of the unique needs of landlords and provides quality legal representation in all matters pertaining to tenant/landlord disputes.

Our Commitment to You

We provide clients with strong legal advocacy and keep them abreast of updates during their case. We have extensive experience in tenant disputes. When you first meet with a Santa Ana eviction lawyer, he will ask you detailed questions about the case. This is necessary in order to ascertain just how to proceed with defending you.

Our Services

We can take on challenging cases, and are not afraid to litigate when necessary on your behalf. That said, we will work to resolve the dispute without a court battle, if possible. A Santa Ana eviction lawyer can assist you with many different types of issues.


If you lose a case we will help you to appeal. In some cases you may be able to get the decision overturned. If nothing else, there is a chance that it will be modified.


Whether the eviction is due to nonpayment of rent or persistent violation of rules, we will take you through the process to reach the best possible conclusion.

Administrative Hearings

If the tenant has taken his case to a state or federal agency such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Housing and Urban Development or the Los Angeles Housing Department, we will represent you.


If a tenant sues you for an alleged code, lease or rental violation, we will represent your interests. We understand the process and know how to convince the court of the validity of your claim.

Compliance Matters

We will also assist landlords in issues for which no dispute has arisen; this includes reviewing your landlord/tenant agreement and leases to ensure that you are in compliance with California laws.

Call our Law Firm for Assistance Today

If you are embroiled in a dispute with a tenant, or need help with a legal matter pertaining to lease agreements, a Santa Ana eviction lawyer with our firm will be glad to assist you. Call Schiff & Shelton, Attorneys at Law, at 949-417-2211.

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